Apply directly from tube to skin.

Parent Feedback

I love that the Tush Swiper is antimicrobial especially since it's an on-the-go product. I also love how soft it is - Other products have less flexibility at the tip, which have added pain during diaper rashes. It's so versatile and can be used with all my son's diaper rash creams, plus most of my own lotions.

Laura G.

...It attaches to the diaper rash cream tube so you (A) never have to touch cream or butts and (B) don’t have *another* baby gadget to lose. I have enough junk to keep track of, thank you very much! The Tush Swiper applies the cream evenly and when you’re done, just pop on the cap! It stands upright on the changing table and doesn’t take up any extra space in the diaper bag. Most importantly, it leaves nothing on your hands or under your nails!

Misty H.

No getting your hands nasty with butt paste and if your kid is like Emmarie diaper changes and butt paste don’t mix well. This makes it 10x easier and it’s made of soft touch material so it’s gentle on her butt! Highly recommend this product!

Grace L.