About Us

Hi! We are Arvin and Christine - the inventors of the Tush Swiper, and proud parents of Eli & Ali.

If you're like us, you've probably spent some time hunting for the perfect diaper rash cream for your little ones. You'll also notice the residue it leaves on your hands each time you manually apply it with your fingers. As parents juggling two children we wash our hands a lot, but it's easy to forget before changing diapers! That's why we designed the Tush Swiper - to conveniently prevent cross contamination with bare hands.

The Tush Swiper has a soft flexible tip that delicately conforms to cracks & crevices while applying the perfect coat of cream. The included cap prevents leaks and is ultraportable  for parents on-the-go.

We hope the Tush Swiper helps make your life a little bit easier! Happy Swiping, and feel free to swing by Instagram to see the latest!