About Us

Hi! We are Arvin and Christine - the inventors of the Tush Swiper, and proud parents of Eli & Ali.

Between the two of us, we use a LOT of creams. From eczema & chest rubs, to diaper rash creams & ointments...there was a lot of hand washing involved! But even then, you often still had greasy residue stuck on your fingers.

When it came to babies, there was no pleasant way to apply diaper rash cream. And when juggling two kids there wasn't always the option to drop everything and wash your hands before doing 1 of 8 daily diaper changes. That's why we designed the Tush Swiper - to prevent cross contamination caused by applying diaper rash cream with bare hands. Through the prototyping process (and 2,833 diaper changes of research) we developed an ergonomic cream applicator/dispenser that attaches directly to the cream tube itself. It delicately conforms to the body to apply a consistent coat of cream. Then we optimized it for travel with a leak-proof cap, antimicrobial protection (ISO 22196:2011 test method), and some solid customer feedback.

We think the Tush Swiper can help make your life easier, whatever cream you use.  In fact, we'd love to hear about the different ways you're using it. Swing by Instagram to see the latest!



PO Box 653
Carlsbad, CA