How to Change a Babies Diaper

How to Change a Babies Diaper


Did you know that parents change newborn diapers up to 20 times a day? Babies tend to urinate every couple of hours making diaper changing very demanding in the first few months of parenthood. For first-time mamas changing a diaper can be intimidating. Not fully understanding where to start or fear of making your baby uncomfortable are common worries when diapering a baby for the first time. Diapering takes practice but can easily be mastered with the help of some tips we found from this helpful resource at


1. Sanitize Your Hands and Diapering Station

Before changing your baby's diaper, wash your hands thoroughly. You also need to make sure to always sanitize the area you are changing your baby's diaper at, whether it is in public or in the comfort of your home. 


2. Lay Your Baby Down 

Place one hand on the baby's head and the other on your baby's bum. Gently lay your baby down on a flat, sanitized surface. 


3. Take the Dirty Diaper off

Unfasten the dirty diapers tabs on the sides of the diaper and pull the diaper to where it lays flat underneath your baby. Grab your babies ankles and carefully lift its legs in order to slip the diaper out underneath the baby. Roll the soiled diaper up and dispose of it. 


4. Clean Your Babies Bum

Use a baby wipe and swipe your babies bum from front to back in order to avoid infection. Make sure to use an additional wipe to sanitize the surrounding areas of your baby's bottom. Dispose the dirty baby wipes in the trash.


5. Slide a Clean Diaper Under Your Baby

Place a clean diaper underneath your baby. Make sure the diaper tabs are on each side of your baby. These tabs are usually colorful and easy to identify.


6. Apply Diaper Rash

Use your favorite diaper rash cream attached to the Tush Swiper in order to make your diaper rash mess-free and easy!


7. Fasten Clean Diaper

Bring the diaper up over the baby’s belly and use the tabs on the sides of the diaper to fasten the clean diaper.


8. Clean Your Area

Always sanitize your diapering station after you are done changing your baby’s diaper in order to limit germs being spread and your baby contacting infection. 


9. Wash You and Your Babies Hands

Clean your hands as well as your baby’s hands in order to prevent cross contamination. 


Parent Pro Tip:

After laying down the baby, slide the clean diaper underneath the dirty diaper before taking the soiled diaper off. Open soiled diaper, then lift baby gently by ankles and slide out dirty diaper. Then clean the baby with wipes, then place used wipes in the open dirty diaper. Roll up a soiled diaper. Then proceed by applying diaper cream and fastening a clean diaper. 


Happy diapering!  

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