How to Prevent Your Baby From Contracting The Flu

How to Prevent Your Baby From Contracting The Flu



Flu season is among us which means we need to take extra precautions in order to protect our babies from getting sick. Babies immune systems are weaker because they have  yet to develop immune responses to illnesses making them prone to catching the seasonal cold or flu. This informative resource at has some great tips on preventing your baby from getting sick this season.

Wash Your Hands Frequently 

It is important for you and other visitors to always keep your hands clean while you are around the baby and in the home of the baby. Asking visitors to wash their hands before holding or touching the baby can minimize your baby’s exposure to germs. Using the Tush Swiper for diaper cream application can also help keep your hands clean and prevent cross-contaminating. 


Use Hand Sanitizer

If you aren't around a sink to physically wash your hands, use hand sanitizer before touching your baby. This is key, especially when you are out in public. Clean hands are crucial when caring for your baby especially during flu season. 


Make Sure You Are Vaccinated 

The people who take care of the baby and visitors should be updated on all their vaccines, specifically the flu vaccine. Since infants cannot get this vaccine until they are six months old it is important to make sure that caregivers are vaccinated in order to help protect the baby. 


Avoid Sick People 

Try to avoid being around people who might be sick. Even if they have allergies, it’s better to stay away from people exhibiting symptoms.  If you do end up being in contact with someone who might be sick, make sure you ask them to maintain their distance and not touch your baby. 



Breastfeeding provides nutrients and antibodies for the baby that allows them to build up their immune system. Not everyone can breastfeed so talk to your doctor to find out what formula is best for your baby and its immune system as appropriate. 


Avoid Public Places

Going out in public is fine but try to avoid large crowds or gatherings during flu season. These events can easily transmit viruses and in the end, going to large gatherings is not worth the risk to your baby’s health. If you would like to go to a gathering or public place, make sure you go with people you know will be clean and healthy. 


Know the Symptoms

Make sure you know the symptoms of the flu in infants. If your baby is experiencing a fever of 100 F or above, excessive tiredness, and a cough and runny nose, make sure you call your doctor immediately.


We hope you find these tips helpful in keeping your baby and your family safe during the flu season!  


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