Facts About Diaper Rash

Facts About Diaper Rash

Diaper rash in babies is much more common than what people think. Diaper rash happens when the diaper rubs against a baby's wet skin causing irritation and discomfort to the child. Here are some facts that you might have not known about diaper rash: 

According to WebMD, most babies have a peak of getting consistent diaper rash from when they are 9-12 months.


Most babies tend to suffer from diaper rash when they start to transfer over to eating solid foods due to the acidity in their feces. (WebMD)


Diaper rash is referred to other names such as a yeast infection, diaper dermatitis, candidal infection, and candidiasis. (WebMD)


According to the JAMA Network, nearly 7-35% of infants suffer from a common diaper rash.


According to The Pediatric Center, winter weather can increase the risk of your baby suffering from diaper rash due to the heat that is caused by excessive layers. 


Diaper rash can also be found in adults who wear diapers as well, but adults tend to show minor cases.


Diaper rash is never a fun topic to tackle but it is good to be informed and well educated on this topic when entering parenthood. Fortunately, using diaper cream application tools such as the Tush Swiper not only helps to prevent and reduce diaper rash, but it also makes it easy and mess free!

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