The Many Ways to Use A Tush Swiper!

The Many Ways to Use A Tush Swiper!

Mom Hacks and Tush Swiper

Moms know best when it comes to figuring out how to simplify a task and reduce frustration in everyday life. That’s why we love Stephanie Daniel's ideas, also known as @stylishpharmacist, and the creative ways she’s using the Tush Swiper!  Stephanie is a full-time mom and pharmacist, who initially purchased the Tush Swiper for its antimicrobial abilities to fight fungus & bacteria when applying diaper cream on her little one. Starting with just one Tush Swiper, she eventually collected more (can’t have just one!) and quickly discovered the many ways to use a Tush Swiper ranging from face masks to all-purpose balm, to chest rub and even Biofreeze!

Learn more and check out her lifestyle blog here!

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