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Child Friendly Activities During Quarantine!

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At this point, we imagine everyone is starting to get as antsy as we are...especially our children! Coming up with enriching and engaging activities every day for our little ones can be tedious. With that said, we came up with a list of some of our favorite child friendly activities to do while we are staying at home.

Divide your day between indoor, outdoor (backyard/frontyard) & independent activities can help break up the day (you can check out our last blog post for our recommendation on a daily routine, during this time). 



-Play Dress-up

-Dance/Sing/Play Instruments

-Paint/Draw/Color (Crayola has plenty of free printable coloring pages online to choose from so your child can create their own coloring book)

-Yoga (this resource from PureWow has easy yoga poses for children)




-ABC Matching (create the alphabet out of large paper letters, line it up, and have your child put a post-it note with the matching letter over each large letter. You can also use our Eli & Ali Baby hand-made alphabet for this matching game!) 

-Shape Matching (same instructions as the ABC Matching above, just with shapes! You can also do this with numbers or other various categories)

-Decorate a Cardboard Box (grab your art supplies and go crazy!)

-Play Doh (Don’t have Play doh? Easily create your own with these recipes from Very Well Family)

-Make a Fort (grab blankets, pillows, etc and enjoy making a fort. It’s fun to read, snack, play & even nap in!)

-Cook/Bake (Tasty has some great recipe recommendations that you can make with your child’s help) 

-Tape Scavenger Hunt! (Tape objects around your home and create a list of the items for your child to find)

-Make Slime (Here’s our favorite fluffy slime recipe from The Best Ideas For Kids, although there’s tons of different types of slimes you can make!)

-Indoor Bowling (grab a ball & any various items that can be knocked down!)

-Stomp The Spider (create spiders out of paper and have your child run to jump and stomp all over the “spiders” in your home!)

-Popsicle Bath (hey, don’t knock it until you try it! Grab a frozen treat and take a bath)

These are just some of many activities that you and your children can do together or independently. Pinterest IS your friend, the activity ideas are endless! Continue to stay safe & social distance, while enjoying these fun activities!

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