Different Types of Diaper Rash & How To Treat

Different Types of Diaper Rash & How To Treat



This informative resource from healthychildren.org provides a full synopsis of the types of diaper rash to watch for and how to treat our little ones with ease. 

Understanding what the types of diaper rash are plays a big part in knowing exactly what to do in order to treat it. Here is what you need to know: 

Irritant Diaper Rash: 

  • Caused by moisture left on the skin too long
  • Redness of the skin
  • The most common type of diaper rash

Yeast Infections: 

  • Caused by fungi found in the digestive tract
  • Pink patches with rough edges around the spots and sometimes pink bumps and pimples can appear on the baby’s skin
  • Tends to be worse in the baby’s groin folds


Bacterial Infections: 

  • Caused by cross-contamination and infection of an existing irritant diaper rash
  • Most bacterial infections are staph or strep. A key indicator of a strep infection is bright redness around the anus. Yellow crusting or red pimples is a sign of a staph infection. 
  • In some staph infection cases, the baby can experience weeping blisters and pimples 


  • Can be caused by products used on a baby’s bum
  • These rashes are sudden breakouts that happen frequently after using certain products
  • Splotchy red patches on the skin 

Depending on the severity or type of diaper rash, it’s important to note how to treat and help relieve diaper rash. 

In cases of the common irritant diaper rash:

  • Clean the skin during diaper changes 
  • Change your baby in a sanitized area
  • Making sure the area is clean and completely dry before putting on a new diaper
  • Pairing your diaper cream or paste with the Tush Swiper in order to combat irritation and avoid cross-contamination

In cases of yeast or bacterial Infections:

  • Make sure to contact your doctor
  • Keep your little one in breathable clothing in order prevent further irritation

In cases of allergy rashes:

  • Switching brands or products you use on your baby (wipes, creams, diapers etc.) and waiting a two week period 

Whatever the case may be, understanding what to expect when your little one is experiencing diaper rash is important in order to treat your baby with the proper care. Using the Tush Swiper can also help make applying diaper cream easier and more convenient without getting your hands messy. No matter what, as parents, we are all in this together to fight stubborn diaper rash. 

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