Helpful CDC Resources for Parents and their Families

Helpful CDC Resources for Parents and their Families

CDC COVID PRevention

There’s so much out there in the news and online that talks about COVID-19. Even one of the most credible resources, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website has an abundance of information. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and while we are watching our children and trying to work from home, it’s difficult to find time to navigate through all the different articles, especially if we want to keep up with what's going on. We took the time to comb through all of the resources on the CDC website to bring you the most relevant information for you and your family. Hoping that this helps!

Stay up to date on the latest on guidance for COVID-19 and Cases in the US Here

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Preparing Your Home & Family for COVID-19

Caring for Children

COVID-19 and Children

Talking with Children About Coronavirus Disease

Hang in there, together, we will get through this! 

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