Tips on Preventing Diaper Rash

Tips on Preventing Diaper Rash

Use Tush Swiper with Desitin Use Tush Swiper with Desitin 

We found this great resource from on the 5 different degrees of diaper rash. Seeing diaper rash on our little ones can be very alarming, especially when it becomes severe (see below). As parents, we want to be able to nip diaper rash at the onset. 

There are various causes of diaper rashes that can occur; such as, chaffing/rubbing from tight clothes, new foods, sensitive skin, bacterial infections, etc. Whatever you’ve found your child’s common issue is, we have some tips to prevent diaper rash! 

We’ve found that the following helps with preventing diaper rash:

  • Changing soiled diapers quickly
  • Washing their bum with warm water (rather than just using a wet wipe)
  • Drying the area fully
  • Using a diaper cream/ointment attached to the Tush Swiper after changes can be very effective on preventing & controlling diaper rash

Pairing the Tush Swiper with ointments and creams is very effective in preventing/treating diaper rash because it has built-in antimicrobial product protection to combat Candida (yeast infection fungi) and Staph (diaper rash bacteria) on contact.

Let’s face it, hand-washing It’s not always an option, especially when traveling, but diaper changes are a constant. Bacteria on our hands can easily transfer to our babies’ bums and cross-contaminate between parent and child.

Let’s spend less time worrying about diaper rash on our little ones and more time doing, well... just about anything else! 



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My son has been having really bad diaper rash and it comes and goes I tried everything on him doesn’t seem to work what do y’all recommend?


My son has been going through this diaper rash that comes and goes and its been very red..

Natalie Figueroa

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