Valentines Day Gift Idea for Kids

Valentines Day Gift Idea for Kids


It’s finally February. The season of cherishing the ones you love the most. This holiday isn’t just stressing about date night plans or gifts to get for your significant other, but for showing your love to your kiddos. Unsure of what to get your little one for Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, we got you covered. We found this resource at that lists the simple and most memorable gifts for your little valentine.


Play-Doh Valentines Modeling Compound Bag



These perfect mini sized Play-Doh makes the sweetest Valentine’s Day gift for your little one. This pack comes in 15 colors and is for ages 2+. 


Flora The Fox Pink Plush Squishmallow 



Squishmallows are one of the biggest trends amongst young children. What better way to surprise your kiddo with this super cute Valentine’s Day themed Squishmallow plush pillow? This pillow is washer friendly and is perfect for all ages!  


Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse! By Laura Numeroff



This book is a spin-off of the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Read along as Mouse gets ready for Valentine’s Day with friends! This book is a perfect introduction to the Valentine season and is suitable for all ages. 


Paw Patrol Valentines Themed Coloring Book By Golden Books



Paw Patrol has become a childhood favorite throughout the years making this coloring book a perfect gift for your little one. This coloring book comes with 64 coloring pages and shiny stickers to match! 


What I Love About Being Your Mom Book By Knock Knock 

This is a fill in the blank book that you can customize however you like. This book is a simple and memorable gift that you can give your little one to enjoy and read together. 


Happy Valentines Day Puzzle



This adorable 10 x 8 puzzle comes with 54 pieces making the smallest little treasure to give your kiddos! This is a great gift that makes a perfect addition to your next family game night! 


Festive Valentine Day Pajamas



What a better way to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit then to get matching pajamas for the whole family? Valentine’s Day pajamas make a perfect gift and a great bonding activity that the whole family can enjoy.  


Star Wars Valentine Shirt



This awesome “Yoda One For Me” Star Wars shirt is a great gift for your little boy or girl! It comes in 5 different colors and an array of sizes. 


These are only a couple of ideas but there are plenty of different creative and sentimental gifts out there for your littles!


<3 Happy Valentines Day from Eli & Ali Baby


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